Fight hairloss with Keranique’s regrowth treatment

Hair regrowth treatment for women

It’s Not Too Late to Fight Hair Loss

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    Brenda Stringfellow
    01/18/2017 at 6:20 AM

    I love what this brand is doing for my hair. It was recommended by my hairstylist and I have noticed the thickness in just a week. My hair is normally very fine so I hope it not only thickens but will strengthen it to lessen the breakage thereby allowing it to grow back longer as before.

  2. I have purchased so many products trying to fix my thinning and straw like dry hair .. None worked until I purchased keranique shampoo and conditioner! I’m so happy that I tried this product! If you are looking for a ” fix ” I highly recommend trying this! My hair is soft and shinny and manageable, it took years off the look of my hair! I couldn’t be happier!

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