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  1. What about veterans..who have this supplement affordable?

    • You are totally right about that and is it affordable for THOSES WHO service in the army and all the other branches .,even THOSES WHO were never in the army or other branches .

  2. I want to know what DAVID WALSH asked, What about veterans..who have this supplement affordable?

  3. I have veteran and Medicare ins but it don’t cover dental I need one that can cover dental vision medical drug cost just need help to find the right one with costing a Lot’s.

  4. How much is the cost for secondary insurance pls send me the quote thank you.

  5. I have Medicare and Medicaid and have zero copays yet I still get bills telling me that I owe money . I usually ignore it cause I do not understand. I thought that with Medicare AND Medicaid that EVERYTHING was suppose to be taken care of. Also, now the doctors at the hospitals now are billed completely separate so now I get full bills from them which I have been ignoring because I feel that the hospital l has all of that information and that they should pass all of that information along to the doctor so that he can be paid as well. Instead, I think it is going against my credit.

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